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What You’ll Learn at Ingram Micro Showcase 2017: More Than Just Tech

Find out the three key takeaways resellers can expect from Ingram Micro Showcase 2017
  • IDG staff (New Zealand Reseller News)
  • 22 June, 2017 10:55
Ingram Micro executive managing director, Gary Bigwood

Ingram Micro executive managing director, Gary Bigwood

Ingram Micro Showcase is New Zealand’s biggest technology event every year, drawing thousands of attendees across three locations - Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. The event features technology solutions from dozens of vendors who are there to provide hands-on advice, as well as seminars and keynotes from experts of key interest to the New Zealand reseller community.

According to Ingram Micro executive managing director, Gary Bigwood, Showcase is not just about showing off the latest products; but engage with its reseller community and provide an event that will deliver meaningful insights. Bigwood said a key metric in determining the value of the event was in the length of time that resellers spent there, and over the last couple of years, Ingram Micro has been very happy with the result.

“It’s pretty common for people to stay for four or five hours at a time, if not the whole day, and get really immersed in the technology and information on offer,” Bigwood said

There are three key takeaways that Bigwood said resellers can expect to take from this year’s Ingram Micro Showcase:

Firstly, with a lot of new products and technologies on display, the show will be an opportunity for resellers to see the directions that technology is taking, and the new opportunities that are opening up. “The fact that Ingram Micro has brought on quite a lot of new vendors since the previous show means that, even for people that were at the show last year, there’s a lot of new things to see,” Bigwood said. “With so many new products to display, we’re focusing on helping the reseller community develop the story around these products to take to their customers.”

Secondly, resellers will gain insights into how to make their businesses more profitable, Bigwood said. “A lot of the vendors have comprehensive programs with various accreditations, so speaking to those vendors directly to understand how those programs work enables resellers to become more profitable. In addition, many of our vendors are launching new products or even entering new categories and the resellers can grow their own business by aligning with this expansion.”

“The event will also demonstrate how many of our brands fit together. A reseller might be selling one brand today, but be unaware of complementary brands adjacent to the existing one that they support. A big part of the show is in highlighting these adjacent brands that the reseller can leverage to provide their customer a better overall solution, while increasing their average order value.”

Finally, what is really unique about Showcase is that it is the only opportunity to see such an extensive range of vendors and products in one place, from consumer tech through to very high-end enterprise technology. “The only other way for a NZ reseller or end user to see such a broad offering under one roof would be if they were to get on a plane and fly to the US or Asia for one of the large international trade shows.  We are delighted to host an event of this scale in New Zealand,” Bigwood said.

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