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Ingram Micro Showcase 2017 Prepares the IT Industry for the Dynamic Year Ahead

Partners and customers will be able to derive insights from 17 keynotes and seminars from external speakers, guest presenters, and Ingram Micro vendor partners.
  • IDG staff (New Zealand Reseller News)
  • 22 June, 2017 10:40

In the midst of an election year, and with buoyant economic opportunities and challenges facing the New Zealand economy, Ingram Micro’s focus for its 2017 Showcase is firmly aligned to helping reseller partners, and their customers, understand and get prepared for the changing forces in the market that is taking shape.

“This is the 22nd year that we’ve run the event, and it has become New Zealand’s biggest IT roadshow,” Ingram Micro New Zealand executive managing director, Gary Bigwood, said. “Across Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch we are expecting over 2,000 resellers and their end-customers to attend.”

“One of the areas that we’ve really focused on in recent years is having a dynamic and relevant line-up of speakers,” Bigwood added. “For example, we have an economist presenting to help resellers understand the changing dynamics in the market. This session, and the open Q & A after it, has been an informative highlight of the event, and this year we have Bernard Hickey, one of New Zealand’s most lauded economics journalists, to present this keynote.”

Partners and customers will be able to derive insights from 17 keynotes and seminars from external speakers, guest presenters, and Ingram Micro vendor partners. In addition to Hickey, guest speakers include nanotechnologist Dr Michelle Dickinson (otherwise known as “Nanogirl”); Education Futurist, Frances Valentine; and LinkedIn specialist, Kate Nankivell.

“Having a LinkedIn specialist present at the event is something new to the show, but there is such a huge opportunity for resellers to really harness the power of social tools like LinkedIn that it can’t be ignored,” Bigwood said.

“For example, one of my general managers posted a story on LinkedIn recently and it had over 8,000 people view it. That goes to show the phenomenal power of the tool, and if we can assist the channel in harnessing this power, it will be to the benefit of us all.”

In addition to the insights gained from the keynotes, the Ingram Micro roadshow has always been a popular opportunity to see the newest in technology in action, ask questions of local experts, and have networking opportunities. Particularly in Christchurch and Wellington, where the 2016 earthquake affected Ingram Micro’s ability to run the roadshow in those cities, this is an opportunity for resellers to catch on the features and benefits of new technology, and have conversations with the experts on how it works and solves real business problems. With Ingram Micro having signed on a large number of new vendor partners over the past year, this is also a chance to see how the technologies of different vendors can work together as a complete solution.

“The kind of outcomes that end users are looking for from technology is increasingly reliant on a number of technologies working together to solve specific technology challenges,” Bigwood said. “We’re seeing this more often in the ordering profile, so it’s working for our customers.”

“More resellers are bringing their own customers along, and that’s one of the key things that we’re excited about the show,” Bigwood added. “Part of our role as a distributor is to inform the reseller community, as they are our customers, but at the end of the day the real customer for us all is the end user buying from the reseller.

“By getting the end user to come along to the show with their trusted reseller and see all these technologies working first hand, and hear visions of the future for technology, it’s possible for the reseller to then have some really valuable discussions around the business problems that they can help resolve. Every year we see more businesses solving problems as a direct consequence of coming along to the event. That’s a win for everyone.”

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