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Key Takeaways from Ingram Micro New Zealand’s 2016 Showcase

  • IDG staff (New Zealand Reseller News)
  • 22 November, 2016 11:31

The 2016 Ingram Micro New Zealand Showcase will go ahead with the Auckland show, to be held on Wednesday, 30th November. The other two pre-scheduled shows, based in Wellington and Christchurch will be postponed, with announcements around dates/venues to be made at a later time.

This year’s Showcase promises to lend a fresh perspective to New Zealand’s technology experts. On the one hand, there will be the opportunity to get hands-on with major products launching to market, and on the other, will be a fine selection of keynote presentations from some of the country’s leading economists and technologists. Brought together, attendees will walk away with valuable insights into the evolution of the market, and have a better understanding of where the best opportunities are for their businesses and customers in the year ahead.

Not just displays

On the products side, attendees can expect to see something new this year. Not only are they going to be able to play with the latest and greatest, but they’ll also be able to see set-ups of how the technology will be applied to their workspaces and verticals, as vendors collaborate together to demonstrate complete picture technology solutions – it is all about “solutions selling”.

“In the past our showcases have been very product heavy. This year we wanted to transition the discussion so that as a distributor, we are working with our vendor partners to talk less about individual products, and more about the broader technology and solution areas that are common to most New Zealand businesses ,” Simon Shaw, Ingram Micro Marketing Manager said.

“As part of that theme, we’ve encouraged all of our vendors to demonstrate complete solutions that show how people will be working and playing with technology.”

These special showcase areas are designed to show just how different each professional’s technology needs have become. For example, a designer has a set of needs for their workstations that are different to the highly mobile sales executive, and partners including Apple, Lenovo, Logitech and others will be setting up holistic solutions that show was a designer’s workstation will look like, and how it will be different from a mobile salesperson’s working environment.

“Technology is no longer something that is used in isolation,” Shaw said.

“So while we talk about selling an individual telephone, dock, keyboard or screen, it’s how those pieces of technology are used together that will create very different use cases for people, depending on their needs or their industry. In order to maximise the value of any ICT investment, an organisation or individual needs to understand how they will use the technology, and make investments to suit.”

Five strategic takeaways from the keynotes

In addition to the product demonstrations, the Showcase will for the first time, feature keynote addresses from prominent technology futurists and economists. Through these keynotes, attendees will gain critical insights on the state of technology in New Zealand, its future, and how businesses need to be prepared to capitalise on opportunities.

Here are five of the most critical trends that will be addressed:

1) What will be the role of the reseller company/ IT-centric company in the future, and how will they need to transform themselves in these rapidly changing times.

There’s no denying that the traditional reseller business model has faced disruption for some years now, but in understanding how to transition to more service-focused models, there is, if anything, even better opportunities to become a trusted support to their customers.

2) How changing demographics will impact on New Zealand’s business culture, and its use of technology.

New Zealand is going through significant demographic/economic and cultural landscape changes: baby boomers are retiring, while the internet economy and foreign investment in NZ is altering how business is done. Technology will play an increasingly important role as these demographic changes take place, as an instrument of New Zealand-wide economic and social change.

3) The impact future technologies might have on how we do business.

For example, early steps into augmented reality suggest the implications for learning and "on the job" training could be profound – and resellers could be configuring and delivering hardware/software/subscription services to enable this.

4) Where resellers have a play with personal wearables.

It’s no secret that wearables are a really big deal in the modern home. Resellers have a real opportunity as advisors in both equipment and configuration to ensure that the modern home is running efficiently and effectively. Wearables also have all kinds of implications for security and data integrity, so there’s a real role for resellers in providing advice there too.

5) Technology’s effect on the workforce and the jobs that will be defunct AND created as a result of this.

The prediction is that as many as 40 per cent of jobs will be made redundant as a result of technology over the next few years. However, new job roles for higher skilled people, able to accomplish things that automation cannot, will be opened as well. There is a real opportunity here for resellers to help their customers in what will be a very complex transition towards new business and workforce models.

There will be plenty of other keynotes and vendor addresses on practical applications of technology now, too. In short, resellers can expect to gain a practical hands-on experience, as well as series of critical future oversights, from 2016’s Showcase.

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