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​​2016 Reseller News ICT Industry Awards - Nominations EXTENDED…

Nominations for the 2016 Reseller News ICT Industry Awards have been extended following strong demand.

Nominations for the 2016 Reseller News ICT Industry Awards have been extended, with submissions now closing at midnight, Wednesday August 17.

Following strong demand, the extension allows vendors, distributors and partners a second chance to celebrate the success of the previous 12 months, while also acknowledging outstanding individuals and their achievements.

Indicative of IDG’s ongoing dedication to the local market, the Awards will build on the success of last year’s inaugural event, when 300 leading industry figures joined together to celebrate a year of channel success in New Zealand.

Following overwhelmingly positive industry feedback, the expanded Awards will now be held at the Langham Hotel in Auckland on Wednesday October 12, to accommodate growing demand.

Voting process

In keeping with the success of 2015, the Awards will honour the channel across eight categories, including; Vendor, Distributor, Partner, Entrepreneurship, Homegrown Innovators, Community, Channel Choice and Hall of Fame.

Companies and individuals should self-nominate across six categories, with our 55+ judging panel basing scores on the quality of submission, identifying the strengths and progress of the company or individual over the past 12 months.

Each category has four to six questions as part of the award criteria - please make sure you specifically answer the criteria, but also limit your responses to the 250 maximum word count set per question.

Reseller News strongly recommends that companies self-nominate to ensure the best chance of success with our experienced judging panel and please note that we only accept one nomination submission per individual or company.

Also, make sure you enter your name, company name and email address as part of the nomination.

A good submission?

With competition strong, Reseller News advises all candidates to take serious consideration when submitting nominations, given the high calibre of entries in 2015.

Following feedback from the judging panel, a well-written nomination should firstly answer each question in full, offering a clear, direct and specific statement of why a particular company or individual should win an award.

Strong nominations list the most important information in the first few sentences and then elaborate as necessary, including enough information for the panel to become familiar with the work and achievements of the nominee.

Even though the justification is concise, it should not be vague - avoid sweeping generalities and make every sentence count.

Also, judges advise against nominees resting on their laurels in terms of brand reputation and work within the channel, stating that if it isn’t written on the submission, then it cannot be judged as outside influences do not count.

To nominate, visit the 2016 ICT Industry Awards Nominations Page and click on the specific award link which will direct you to the online questions.