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​Netflix data growth fuels 2degrees Southern Cross Cable Network activation

Telco completes activation of its 100GbE interconnect to the Southern Cross Cable Network.

2degrees has completed the activation of its 100GbE interconnect to the Southern Cross Cable Network, driven by ongoing growth of content providers such as Netflix fuelling New Zealanders’ demand for data.

According to 2degrees Chief Fixed Officer Mark Petrie, the telco has experienced strong growth in 2016 and is currently doubling its capacity year-on-year following the proliferation of major overseas content providers such as Netflix, Microsoft, Google and Apple.

“This is fantastic for 2degrees customers, the enabling of our 100GbE interconnect into Southern Cross allows us access to uncontested capacity giving us the ability to provide more data, faster,” he says.

“It also means we’re the first customer to connect to Southern Cross’ new Carrier Ethernet platform and we’ll continue to work closely with Southern Cross to continually innovate and take advantage of technology advances to enhance the value that 2degrees can bring to its mobile and broadband customers across New Zealand.”

For Southern Cross Director Marketing, Craige Sloots, the growth of content and cloud demand has created new popularity around Carrier Ethernet based services, such as Southern Cross’ new Gigapac service.

“Working with thought-leading and collaborative organisations is critical in helping us to define, develop and test product solutions with our supplier partners to meet changing market demands,” Sloots adds.