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Aerohive Networks launches new MSP partner program

To enable new business models for channel partners

Networking vendor Aerohive Networks has launched a new AdvantageMSP program, designed to enable its channel partners to adopt a managed service strategy, whilst delivering fully managed enterprise wired and wireless services.

The new program will allow customers to rely on Aerohive partners to deliver the basics of connectivity while they focus on leveraging the business value of Wi-Fi with analytics and applications.

The AdvantageMSP program provides a set of tools, processes, and product capabilities that together enable channel partners, both traditional resellers and existing service providers, to deliver new value services to their customers.

Aerohive’s AdvantageMSP program supports both Management-as-a-Service (MaaS) and Wireless-as-a-Service (WaaS) business models.

Aerohive said MaaS channel partners provide outsourced management of a customer-owned infrastructure using tools like hierarchical management and support.

In addition, WaaS channel partners offer wireless networks on a subscription basis using the network as a new services-revenue platform.

Aerohive Networks vice-president of global channels, Michael O’Brien, said enterprise-grade wireless connectivity is essential for many organisations and more organisations view Wi-Fi as a utility and wish to purchase this as a service, in a similar fashion to other IT infrastructure services.

“The Aerohive Advantage MSP program is a natural extension to our program as we work to add incremental and enhanced business value through new and innovative joint services offerings,” he said.

O’Brien said channel partners can further increase service value by leveraging Aerohive Cloud Services (ACS) to develop custom business and IT applications.

Aerohive has created this program in consultation with global service providers, such as T-Systems, NCR, and Verizon, and industry specialists, such as GCI and Tekmark.

Channel partners can also leverage the ACS Platform’s open APIs for monitoring, presence, location, and identity.

“With these APIs, AdvantageMSP partners can build custom business and IT applications to extend their services beyond the management and support of deployed hardware,” O’Brien added.