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​Public trust cited as Govt improves domain name security

“We hope this is a trigger for internet service providers who are yet to support DNSSEC."

Recent changes to how the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) manages government website domain names is hoping to trigger a rise in online security and result in greater public trust in government websites.

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the global network of computers responsible for translating domain names like into a location on the internet.

DIA’s Government Information Services group (GIS) hosts the domain name records associated with many of the domain names.

In addition to this DNS service, GIS offers a portfolio of products and services aimed at delivering trusted government information to improve public services and raise digital capability throughout the sector.

Recent upgrades to DIA’s government DNS service included the addition of a set of security extensions called DNSSEC, which have been applauded by the .nz Domain Name Commission Ltd. (DNCL) and domain name operator NZRS Limited.

DNCL Manager of Security Policy, Barry Brailey, says with the new security extensions, web browsers can now confirm that the website a user is looking for is the correct one and not an imposter website.

“By securing with DNSSEC, DIA is demonstrating its commitment to New Zealanders’ online security and helping to improve how New Zealand is viewed from a cyber security perspective,” he says.

Brailey says only (and domain names using the government’s DNS infrastructure are automatically protected with DNSSEC.

In addition, remaining government agencies who do not currently use this system are being encouraged to switch from their existing providers so they can take advantage of the improved security.

“We hope this is a trigger for internet service providers who are yet to support DNSSEC, to add that support soon so that all Internet users can benefit from the added security and show government that the entire Internet industry is behind cyber security initiatives,” adds Jay Daley, CEO, NZRS.