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​EXCLUSIVE: Fuji Xerox to cut up to 40 NZ jobs

Fuji Xerox New Zealand will cut up to five percent of its workforce across the country, placing as many as 40 local jobs under threat.

Fuji Xerox New Zealand will cut up to five percent of its workforce across the country, placing as many as 40 local jobs under threat.

With a local workforce of around 800 staff, the print giant is currently working through the consultation period with affected employees, with a definite number of job losses expected to be confirmed within the coming weeks.

“The changes will impact approximately five percent of our workforce in New Zealand,” a Fuji Xerox New Zealand spokesperson confirmed to Reseller News.

As reported by Reseller News, the losses will impact managerial and back office roles, as the company moves away from its traditional print services roots, focusing on becoming an “IT and technology” focused organisation.

“We have been open and transparent with our staff and for those who are affected, we are currently working through the HR process on an individual basis,” the spokesperson confirmed.

“Ideally, of those currently in soon to be disestablished roles, we are looking to move them into new roles within the organisation with redundancies a last resort.

“The final number of job losses will depend on whether our current staff take new roles or decide to leave the company, and we hope to retain as many as we can. But the expectation is that as a result of thus process, there will be fewer staff within the organisation than they currently are today.”

As part of the local restructure, Fuji Xerox, which has been operating in New Zealand for 52 years, will be adding more IT focused roles to the company, such as developers and solutions and enterprise consultants.

“We’re adding different roles as a key part of our strategy to help customers improve how documents flow through their business,” the spokesperson added.

“We’ve been an organisation that has sold photocopiers and had service engineers driving around the country with a toolbox fixing problems. While that remains a core part of our business, we’re no longer having those traditional conversations and are instead looking to move into becoming a more IT and technology focus company.”

After embarking on a “complete review of the business” in October 2015, the company announced a new leadership team in April, which has been in operation for the past “five to six weeks” in New Zealand.

Led by Managing Director Gavin Pollard, the new organisational restructure was announced to staff last week, with plans in place to add more “customer facing roles”, as the company bids to “eliminate any duplication and cost”.

The turnaround follows the shock departure of Fuji Xerox Australia managing director Neil Whittaker across the Tasman, who was dramatically shown the door last week following an internal audit from the Singapore office.

Despite having previously held the position of Managing Director in New Zealand for 11 years until his switch to Australia in 2015, the company claims there is “no correlation” between Whittaker’s departure and the local job cuts.

“We are part of the same global family but we operate as two separate businesses, management teams and legal entities,” the spokesperson confirmed. “Our changes locally are unrelated to Neil leaving the business in Australia.”