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​SAP simplifies business opportunities for partners with new cloud offering

“We felt compelled to offer partners the option to run the SAP Business One application in the cloud."

SAP has announced the opportunity to run the SAP Business One Cloud solution powered by the SAP HANA platform at data centres run by SAP.

Unveiled SAP SME Summit, deployment services are provided that address the preferences of small and midsize enterprises specific to holistic enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for reduced up-front costs and minimal IT overhead.

As demand for SAP Business One Cloud deployments increase, the tech giant claims the new services provide partners with more choices for deployment and better access to SAP HANA, the in-memory computing platform.

Designed to further enhance the SAP Business One Cloud solution released in 2012, SAP intends to increase value for partners and customers with the option of operating the solution in data centres run by SAP to facilitate the move to the cloud.

The new services offering for deploying SAP Business One Cloud comes with a range of complementary services, such as backup and restore, disaster recovery and platform maintenance.

Partners will now have three deployment options for the subscription-based offering of SAP Business One Cloud: to run in a partner’s private hosted cloud, in a cloud infrastructure hosted by a third party or in data centres run by SAP.

“We felt compelled to offer partners the option to run the SAP Business One application in the cloud,” says Luis Murguia, senior vice president and general manager, SAP Business One, SAP SE.

“This provides an end-to-end SAP-branded experience that is simple to use, is cost-effective, and leverages the capabilities of SAP HANA.”

Murguia says that regardless of the type of cloud deployment selected, customers can access SAP software whether for software acquisition or ongoing support.

“Services provided by partners enable customers to benefit rapidly from the latest innovative SAP technologies with a cost-effective, on-demand, cloud-based delivery model of SAP software solutions,” Murguia adds.

“Partners often supplement these services with application migration, implementation, management and support services that can lead to greater agility and competitive advantage for customers.”

According to Murguia, SAP Business One Cloud is suitable for small and growing companies who seek to implement their first holistic ERP software.