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​Strong cloud adoption continues as Ingram Micro extends Microsoft CSP Accelerator program

Popular CSP Accelerator promotion extended through the end of the year, in a boost for New Zealand resellers.
Renee Bergeron - Vice president, Global Cloud Computing, Ingram Micro

Renee Bergeron - Vice president, Global Cloud Computing, Ingram Micro

Ingram Micro has announced its popular CSP Accelerator promotion has been extended through the end of the year, in a boost for New Zealand resellers.

With the combination of financial incentives, value-driven support, and flexible billing options, the CSP Accelerator promotion is designed to empower local channel partners across New Zealand quicken cloud success while increasing margins significantly.

Initially launched in the US in August, followed by a global rollout in September, the promotion garnered such widespread traction and ongoing market demand that it has been extended through 31 December, 2015.

“We’ve observed that many partners want to take advantage of the benefits of CSP, but are challenged to transform their business model quickly,” says Renee Bergeron, vice president, Global Cloud Computing, Ingram Micro.

“Our CSP Accelerator promotion facilitates the business transformation process by offering support and billing solutions that allow our partners to easily transition to the CSP program.”

Bergeron says the promotion offers partners 30 days free of unlimited Microsoft CSP subscriptions purchased through the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace - these Microsoft cloud solutions include Office 365 and associated add-ons, as well as Enterprise Mobility Suite.

Designed to drive Microsoft CSP sales, the promotion applies to any new Microsoft CSP subscriptions, as well as existing Microsoft Advisor or Microsoft Open subscriptions converted to CSP Service Plans.

Through a three-step fully automated process, Ingram Micro’s Cloud Marketplace allows channel partners to convert Office 365 Advisor and Open subscriptions to the Microsoft CSP program in a self-service fashion, while benefiting from the CSP Accelerator promotion.

“Since customer service excellence is vital to a successful cloud business, Ingram Micro now offers free Office 365 end-user support as part of its exclusive promotion,” Bergeron adds.

As a result, participating channel partners in New Zealand can leverage Ingram Micro’s technical expertise to help exceed service-level agreements (SLAs), boost productivity levels and further increase profitability for business transformation in the cloud.

In addition to the Office 365 30-day free incentive and free Office 365 end-user support, Bergeron says Ingram Micro is providing the flexible options needed to support its customers’ varying business needs.

Through the Cloud Marketplace, channel partners can now utilise a discounted annual pre-pay option for all Microsoft cloud solution purchases which can significantly lower rates, yield greater profits, and deliver a simplified billing process that submits to a one-time only annual invoice.

“Ingram Micro remains fully aligned with Microsoft’s cloud business strategy, delivering Office 365, Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), CRM Online and Azure CSP sales at a high velocity to channel partners worldwide through unique promotions and offerings,” adds Peter Davidson, Director Cloud Sales, Microsoft.

“Ingram not only delivers CSP, but has the capacity and resources to fully support and enable channel partners with their added value services like support, and flexible and competitive pricing plans, for channel partners who may need that extra support in transitioning to CSP. This full service offering is a huge potential benefit to partners and in turn, to all their end users.”