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​NZ SME specialists take on telcos with new cloud voice solutions

"The big telco players across New Zealand are failing to help Kiwi small-medium enterprises quickly migrate to cloud-based phone systems."

If you ask Connect New Zealand CEO Karl Rosnell, he’ll tell you that the big telco players across New Zealand are failing to help Kiwi small-medium enterprises quickly migrate to cloud-based phone systems.

That is despite the growing commercial benefits such systems bring to SMEs up and down the country, such as “productivity, mobility, radically reduced cost, improved customer service and flexibility.”

“New Zealand businesses waste hours of time and thousands of dollars on old-style phone systems from dinosaur providers,” Rosnell says.

To overcome such challenges, Connect NZ has partnered with Vadacom in a bid to take down the telcos and fast-forward SME access to cloud telephone in New Zealand.

In operating as a specialist voice, video and IT company for Kiwi SMEs, Rosnell believes the company has “scored a coup” through its new partnership with the Kiwi cloud PBX phone system provider.

“We’ve been impressed with Vadacom’s clear understanding of the needs of Kiwi SMEs and how that drives the constant development of their system,” Rosnell adds.

“Because we’re working directly with their technical team, integrating Vadacom’s system with our clients’ other technology couldn’t be easier.

“We pride ourselves on implementing seamlessly integrated technology solutions, so any new partner really needs to be at the top of their game - and that’s exactly where we see Vadacom.”

According to Rosnell, Kiwi SMEs typically have three goals for their phone system: to improve their staff’s productivity, particularly when away from the office, to enable them to provide great customer service, and to keep costs down.

As a result, Rosnell claims the Vadacom cloud-based phone system has been built provide easy configuration, mobile conference calling and international call savings.

“The Vadacom VoIP PBX is an easy to configure and use multi-tenant solution, available from a simple monthly price per user, with no upfront costs,” Rosnell adds.

“Businesses are now really getting into cloud based services and looking at how they can reduce CAPEX spend; the Vadacom system can be funded entirely as an operating expense.”

With a ten year history in the local market, and clients such as Xero and 2degrees, Rosnell believes Vadacom can help deliver a phone system that gives SMEs the productivity features of large company phone systems, but without the enterprise price tag.

“Connect NZ is a real Kiwi technology success story,” adds Aaron Ridgway, CEO, Vadacom.

“They are trusted by thousands of SMEs for their technology requirements, so we’re delighted that Vadacom is now a key part of the Connect NZ offering.”

In addition, Connect NZ are no stranger themselves to the phone system market, selling products since deregulation of the industry in 1990 with the company maintaining the largest Avaya, ShoreTel and Panasonic customer bases in New Zealand.

“We’re dedicated to helping Kiwi companies thrive through bringing the best voice, IT and video solutions together and making the technology easy to install and use,” he adds.