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Report: Working on your mobile definitely an APAC trait

APAC workers are the world leaders when it comes to enterprise mobile adoption
More Australians and Kiwis than ever are using their mobiles to get work done

More Australians and Kiwis than ever are using their mobiles to get work done

A new report from mobility management company Okta states that APAC is the world leader in using mobile devices for work.

The Businesses @ Work Report 2015 showed that an average of 23.8 per cent of APAC end users regularly logged into access work from a mobile device, much higher than North America’s 16.4 per cent and Europe, Middle East and Africa’s (EMEA) 12 per cent.

APAC also tied North America for the median number of off-the-shelf Cloud apps companies offer employees with 15.

“APAC is leading the way in enterprise mobile adoption, and companies in APAC bring on the same median number of off-the-shelf cloud apps as North American companies. Although popular opinion is that APAC is trailing in terms of technology adoption, our data clearly suggests otherwise,” said Okta’s regional vice president of JAPAC, Graham Pearson.

The key finding was that company size and region have very little impact on work practices. Lower costs and simple implementation windows are helping drive all companies to the cloud and mobile workforce.

Cloud based enterprise applications can also be easily changed much more easily than their hardware based predecessors, making it more important than ever for the channel to constantly provide value to users.

Okta’s report analysed findings from its dataset of 2,500 enterprise customers, 4,000 applications, 1000s of custom integrations and the millions of daily authentications and verifications it oversees.