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Intel delivers better cloud to business through ‘Cloud for All’ initiative

“The cloud has been critical to the digital services economy but broad enterprise adoption is not happening fast enough."

Intel has unveiled the Intel Cloud for All initiative to accelerate cloud adoption by making public, private and hybrid cloud solutions easier to deploy.

Through a series of investments and collaborations in the cloud software ecosystem, Intel believes the initiative will help businesses take advantage of the cloud benefits to deliver new capabilities and digital services, leading to tens of thousands of new cloud deployments.

While the Intel Cloud for All initiative is designed to benefit clouds of various sizes and types, the tech giant claims that enterprise cloud adoption has been particularly stifled by complexity, lack of scalability and gaps in open source enterprise-grade features.

“The cloud has been critical to the digital services economy and has enabled tremendous innovation and business growth, but broad enterprise adoption is not happening fast enough,” says Diane Bryant, senior vice president and general manager, Intel's Data Centre Group.

“We believe that through this initiative we will enable our customers to realise the benefits and innovations gained from the latest cloud computing technologies.”

Bryant says that consumer services from major cloud service providers have driven the first wave of cloud adoption, accounting for 75 percent of current cloud usage.

However, over the next five years, opportunities created from the Internet of Things and big data analytics solutions will be leading drivers for enterprise cloud growth.

According to industry research firm IDC, organisations will spend an additional US$142.8 billion on infrastructure for both public and private cloud environments in the next three years (2016-2018) to boost efficiency and business agility.

Bryant says the Intel Cloud for All initiative will focus on three primary areas to accelerate new cloud deployments and help businesses get the most from their cloud infrastructure.

“Firstly, investing in the ecosystem to accelerate enterprise-ready, easy-to-deploy software defined infrastructure (SDI) solutions,” Bryant adds.

“Secondly, optimising SDI solutions to deliver highly efficient clouds across a range of workloads by taking full advantage of Intel platform capabilities; and thirdly, aligning the industry and engaging the community through open industry standards, solutions and routes to market to accelerate cloud deployment.”