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Blue Coat acquisition boosts cloud security offerings

Blue Coat Systems acquires enterprise cloud data protection solutions provider Perspecsys.

Blue Coat Systems has acquired enterprise cloud data protection solutions provider Perspecsys, in a move designed to boost the company’s cloud security portfolio.

With this acquisition, Blue Coat says it will “significantly expand” its cloud security offerings while enhancing its own hybrid cloud portfolio in the process.

“Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) have become the primary means of layering security onto SaaS (Software as a Service) applications,” says Mike Fey, COO and President, Blue Coat.

“Industry analysts predict substantial growth for this space over the next five years.

“As SaaS deployments continue to increase, this technology will become an essential component of enterprise data and cloud security.”

Fey says that this acquisition enables Blue Coat to offer a wider range of CASB capabilities within its Secure Web Gateway portfolio.

Furthermore, as dependency on cloud applications grows, Fey believes that enterprises are faced with a number of issues regarding data privacy, compliance and security.

These include compliance requirements for Personally-Identifiable-Information (PII), as well as payment (PCI) and protected health information (HIPAA); strict data governance and regional residency rules for multinational companies; and most prominently, the continuous global news of data breaches.

For Fey, these concerns can be an inhibitor to the adoption of cloud applications for many organisations.

“To gain control over the explosion of cloud application usage, our customers tell us that the proxy is the logical location to implement CASB features and with our historic strength and understanding of web applications it is a perfect fit,” adds Greg Clark, CEO, Blue Coat.

“Given that more than 50 percent of our customers are based overseas, and as we look to expand our vision for cloud protection, we are paying close attention to the unique needs of multinationals that reside or are doing business in geographies with strict compliance and data sovereignty requirements.

“Perspecsys has delivered an approach for encrypting and tokenising data in the cloud that can actually be used in the real world by global customers, making it a disruptive force in the market and a great addition to Blue Coat.

“In summary, Perspecsys’ capability reduces corporate cyber-crime risk.

“Management of data at rest via tokenising or encrypting is rapidly becoming a critical element of cyber defence for both corporate owned infrastructure and cloud applications.”