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The Education Game - Dicker Data ramps up local Microsoft cloud services

Dicker Data is driving cloud sales across the country by ensuring that resellers continue to be at the forefront of the Cloud Service Provider programme.

New Zealand’s small and medium businesses are leading the world in Office 365 adoption rates.

Dicker Data is driving cloud sales across the country by ensuring that resellers continue to be at the forefront of the Cloud Service Provider programme.

Dicker Data acknowledges that resellers require education and training to work through Microsoft’s myriad of cloud solutions and services to prevent being overwhelmed by cloud computing.

Dicker Data’s Microsoft team is leading the nationwide drive to offer the right solutions tailored to end-user requirements, across all of the Microsoft licensing programs and providing guidance on how to improve business processes or offering assistance in providing resellers with the best solution possible for their customers.

“Reseller education is top of mind for our team,” says Royden Burt – Dicker Data’s Business Development Manager for Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Programme – regarding Dicker Data’s position as a distributor in the CSP programme.

“We’re investing heavily in educating our channel when it comes to Microsoft’s cloud services, and by providing valuable resources such as our ModernBiz Microsoft microsite, upcoming CSP webinars and videos, as well as our traditional training sessions, we are enabling the channel through education and support.

“The channel has responded positively to our initiatives as we continue to provide relevant, concise and tailored information for our resellers.”

In the ongoing campaign to provide clarity and comprehension for all things Microsoft, Burt’s team regularly run education sessions that take a proactive approach to the market through informative and interactive briefings designed with the reseller in mind.

“Partners are busy running businesses and making sales, so our job is to make the education process as short and sharp as possible, which is helping Dicker Data educate its channel quicker than ever before,” adds Burt, who works alongside dedicated Microsoft BDMs in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

“We’re received strong feedback on our education process and that’s because we’ve operated in this space before.

“Our role is essentially about adding value and across our local team we understand what is required of a distributor.

“In New Zealand, we are building on over 70 years of combined licensing experience within our Microsoft team alone, with education and support as key to our success in the local market.”

With Office 365 through CSP already available on Kiwi shores, and Azure and CRM soon to follow, Burt says partners “couldn’t ask for a better market to sell Microsoft’s cloud solutions,” such is New Zealand’s rapidly accelerating uptake of cloud computing technology across industry verticals.

“It’s crucial that we provide regular updates and information for our partners to digest so they are not lost under Microsoft’s many cloud offerings,” Burt adds.

The art of understanding the local cloud market, and the partners’ roles within it, remains top of the agenda for Dicker Data, who subscribe to the notion that pointing partners to increased revenue is a good thing, but better enabling resellers to seal such deals is a great thing.

To hear specifically about Dicker Data’s educational Microsoft cloud sessions in New Zealand, contact Royden Burt directly on