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Meet your local CSP experts at Dicker Data

Dicker Data makes significant investment to take the lead in driving the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) programme in New Zealand.
  • RNNZ Staff (New Zealand Reseller News)
  • 09 July, 2015 08:00

Spurred on by New Zealand’s standing as a leading-edge cloud adoption environment, Dicker Data has made a significant investment to take the lead in driving the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) programme in New Zealand.

“CSP is a game-changer for resellers in New Zealand,” says Royden Burt, CSP Business Development Manager, Dicker Data.

"Our local partners realise the long-term value from cloud and at Dicker Data we’re here to provide over 70 years of combined Microsoft software licencing expertise and experience to our customers.

"Dicker Data holds over 25 MCP certifications and our track record is backed by numerous New Zealand Distributor partner of year awards (2010 to 2014) and awarded the Worldwide Distributor partner of the year in 2010.”

According to Burt, Dicker Data’s go-to-market thinking is different to other distributors.

“We offer the full range of Microsoft licencing in New Zealand, not just CSP," explains Burt, whose core task is to enable resellers, and end-users, to accelerate transformation into the cloud.

"So for us, the CSP programme is one of the licensing ‘choices’ that New Zealand resellers and their customers have.

"We have always provided tailored and outside-in licencing solutions based on resellers’ and end-users’ specific requirements, and CSP is a new vehicle that will enable us to address these requirements, such as monthly billing and ability to attach various value-added services."

For Burt, when it comes to a new licencing program, nothing is ever straight forward and partners need assurances that when it comes to the complex world of licencing, Dicker Data is at the other end of the phone or at the door as they are the only New Zealand distributor providing nationwide Microsoft BDM coverage, as well as having a dedicated CSP contact - Burt himself.

Burt believes that partners will be able to sell bundled solutions with Microsoft Cloud Services, as well as create cloud subscription and partner offers, and set prices for singular packaged solutions.

Partners can now rely on increased involvement from the outset, allowing for better support to end-users whether that be through the partners specifically or the expertise of Dicker Data behind the scenes.

This increased involvement is set to take the form of online and offline touch points, allowing continuous reseller-distributor engagement in the form of two-way dialogues - undertakings that are a signature of the Dicker Data Microsoft team.

“We have launched a comprehensive integrated marketing communication campaign around the CSP program which will address all of our partners’ learning requirements," Burt adds.

"The channel will already have seen some but this is just the tip of the iceberg, so please keep an eye open for our email invites or visit our Microsoft microsite”

By offering a clearer perspective on a complex undertaking, partners can take Microsoft’s raft of cloud services to the market knowing that through Dicker Data, as a local CSP distributor, end-users will be in very safe hands.

For more information, visit or contact Royden Burt directly by emailing