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Why clever Kiwi thinking makes for clever products

Jade Software finds new ways to innovate.

After nearly 40 years, Jade Software is ramping up its efforts to become one of New Zealand’s most innovative companies, rolling out new initiatives, and building a new online hub as a meeting place for employees’ bright ideas.

Last year, the Christchurch-based company launched the Thinkubator programme, an innovation initiative aimed at generating a pipeline of new ideas, and potential products for market.

The results were encouraging, meaning that 2015 has seen an additional three Thinkubator sessions scheduled, providing staff with the space they need to tackle problems they wouldn’t normally have time to think about.

“The Thinkubator programme has generated ideas that improve current products, create new uses for existing tools, and bring brand new ideas to the table,” says David Lindsay, managing director, Jade Software.

“We look over each and every idea, size up the opportunity, build a business case, and turn the best ideas into products that we can take to market. So far we have four ideas under exploration with one idea set to become a new product.

“The chance to take on new challenges creates a real buzz in our offices, while also expanding our collaborative team building culture across each of our global locations.

“We invite high-calibre judges from relevant industries to help us critique teams, and give us the kind of feedback that encourages us to do more.”

Lindsay says the continual drive for innovation makes the Thinkubator an essential programme that Jade will continue to invest in as the business’ and customers’ needs evolve.

Lindsay adds that Jade has built an online hub to nurture creative ideas, which ensures that no matter where the idea comes from it is reviewed and systematically assessed.

“The Innovation Hub invites submissions from all over the company, giving anyone with a unique idea an easy way to present their idea to our innovation team,” he adds. “All ideas are welcome.

“The Innovation Hub also lets everyone at Jade see each idea’s progress, from evaluation through to execution and release, adding a level of transparency staff appreciate.”