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Software AG makes partner progress with Digital Business platform

Software AG reveals significant progress in customer traction and partner expansion with its Digital Business Platform.

Software AG has revealed significant progress in customer traction and partner expansion with its Digital Business Platform.

The Digital Business Platform is the critical technology driver and enabler for enterprises pursuing digital transformation.

Software AG’s Digital Business Platform delivers a wider range of capabilities that enable enterprises to build business applications for the digital age.

Conventional, off-the-shelf ERP and application software products are designed to support existing and predictable business processes - this means they cannot be adapted fast enough for changes in the business; the Digital Business Platform supports the development of applications for new, digitised processes, which did not exist in the past.

“Digital applications are adaptable by design and ‘built to change’,” says Dr. Wolfram Jost, CTO, Software AG.

“Differentiating applications for the digital transformation cannot be bought off-the-shelf, they have to be built on an advanced development platform.

“And, most importantly, these platforms are the future of enterprise computing, for cloud, hybrid cloud and on premise deployments.”

According to Dr Jost, transformation is a major theme for enterprises as they strive to become digital, with customer centricity being the major competitive advantage.

This can be achieved through real-time visibility into one’s own business operations, identifying potential bottlenecks and through automated and optimised business processes, reacting dynamically to changing business environments.

“We see that digitisation is progressing on a worldwide scale,” Dr Jost adds. “A major telecommunications company in Australia launched a new business process transformation to get their products and services to market five times faster.

“In France, a leading semiconductor manufacturer wanted an order, invoicing and payment system to help them identify and quickly respond to supply chain delays.

“And in Germany, a logistics company needed a system to help them respond to their customers more quickly as well as offer a broader portfolio of services.

"In each case, these companies chose the Digital Business Platform as the foundation to digitally transform their businesses."