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Zuora launches RBM Connect Marketplace to foster subscription model innovation

“Consequently, customers are looking for complementary products and services that extend the reach of their core platforms.”

Billing provider Zuora has unveiled RBM Connect, a relationship business management (RBM) marketplace designed to foster a new wave of subscription business model innovation.

The most extensive partner ecosystem for companies driving the shift to the Subscription Economy, RBM Connect currently features 57 pre-built apps from technology partners, system integrators and developers across the globe, designed to make it easier for companies to launch subscription businesses based on the Zuora solution.

“Companies such as, Amazon, Netflix, and Box heralded the shift to subscription-based business models, but today, companies in nearly every industry, including consumer goods, education, energy, financial services, healthcare, retail, and telecom, are looking for ways to participate,” says Tien Tzuo, CEO, Zuora.

“RBM Connect makes it easier for companies to find the information and partners they need to begin their transformations, while providing our industry-leading partners with an opportunity to market their solutions and collaborate with other vendors.”

Tzuo says subscription businesses require an “agile and diverse” systems infrastructure to meet the unique demands of creating and growing a healthy recurring revenue stream.

The new marketplace features more than 50 partner solutions tailored for subscription businesses, including configure, price, quote (CPQ), financial planning, e-signatures, ERP integrations and more.

RBM Connect also harnesses the innovative spirit of Zuora employees, customers and developers who have built creative solutions leveraging Zuora’s platform and APIs to solve real-world use cases, such as lockbox file processing, custom dunning workflows, discount management rules and more.

“More and more organisations are adopting recurring revenue-based business models, fuelling triple-digit growth for Agile Billing solutions,” adds Andrew Dailey, Managing Director, MGI Research.

“Consequently, customers are looking for complementary products and services that extend the reach of their core platforms. MGI Research is pleased to see Zuora launch the RBM Connect Marketplace.

“Zuora is the first subscription management company to launch a marketplace of technology providers, SIs and developers who offer synergistic capabilities beyond core billing.”