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A/NZ cloud demand soars as Rackspace opens new Aussie data centre

“Our new data centre is designed to give local customers optimal performance for their hosted data backup and failover requirements."

Cloud company Rackspace has announced the development of a new data centre and existing data hall expansion to serve growing demand from customers in Australia and New Zealand.

Continued growth in the A/NZ market has triggered an expansion in the current capacity and scope of services offered by its existing data centre investment, the new data centre site will open in Sydney this May.

In addition, Rackspace will secure a further data hall in their Sydney data centre, expected to open in late September.

Based at a separate Sydney colocation facility, the new Rackspace offering will deliver onshore options for redundancy, backup and reduced latency for Australian and New Zealand based customers.

The new environment also allows customers to set their own recovery point objective which delivers flexibility around when back up occurs, either immediately or a specified frequency.

“Our new data centre is designed to give local customers optimal performance for their hosted data backup and failover requirements,” says Angus Dorney, general manager and director, Rackspace A/NZ.

“The new A/NZ onshore premises will help Rackspace increase the depth of our local market offering and improve performance levels.”

Dorney says the facility hosts a suite of Rackspace Private Cloud offerings including those based on VMware, Microsoft and OpenStack technologies for mission critical applications capable of scaling to help meet the demands of customer workloads.

As Rackspace’s managed cloud footprint grows across the region, Dorney says the company will build out a further data hall in its Sydney Data Centre to help match customer demand.

This additional expansion, opening late September, allows Rackspace to provide additional capacity for customers to meet their growing demands for managed cloud services.

“Rackspace opened its Sydney Data Centre in 2013 and since then we have grown the size of the Australia office and increased our customer count in the region,” Dorney adds.

“We recognise the importance of the A/NZ market; the increase in capacity for our flagship Australian data centre and the opening of our new facility supports our desire to continue to expand in this region.”