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RackSpace on board as NZ developer takes advantage of Managed Cloud

“Like an insurance policy, when it comes to hosting, you only find out how good your provider is when a crisis hits."

“Like an insurance policy,” explains Jason Platt, CEO of online developer company OneClick, “when it comes to hosting, you only find out how good your provider is when a crisis hits. You get what you pay for.”

OneClick, an international web design and development company, with clients in Canada, North America and across Australia is based in New Zealand.

The company designs and builds tools to help their customers leverage bespoke applications and software, or integrate with existing solutions, through the cloud.

When the company’s largest project to date was looking for the right hosting partner, the OneClick team joined forces with managed cloud provider Rackspace.

The project for commercial property site Colliers International, which spanned both Australia and New Zealand, involved an RFP process, the result of which confirmed that Rackspace would provide the right solution for the job.

“We’d been working with Rackspace for three years, so we knew what they could deliver,” Platt adds. “For the Colliers project, we required integration with Sitecore to run on the Rackspace solution, and their proposal was superior to any of the other proposals we received.

“It was more cost effective, and the team was very transparent throughout the process. We had a short turn around for this project, and they delivered a detailed offering in a very limited time frame.”

According to Platt, Rackspace plays a “critical role” in the success of the business, with managed cloud providing greater room for internal innovation, removing the pressure off so that “we can focus on our business.”

For this project in particular, at present, OneClick experiences an average of 92,000 visitors to the Australian and New Zealand sites, with a “huge volume of data” being delivered.

“With plans for a residential site this is expected to double,” Platt adds. “We can scale quickly, and only pay for what we use, but have the peace of mind that we can depend on our provider and they will be transparent with us.”