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Spotlight on security as Kaspersky Lab reveals enhanced B2B Partner Program

IT security vendor Kaspersky Lab reveals "significant enhancements" to its B2B Partner Program across the Asia Pacific region (APAC).

IT security vendor Kaspersky Lab has announced "significant enhancements" to its B2B Partner Program across the Asia Pacific region (APAC).

With businesses facing ever-growing security threats, the Kaspersky Lab APAC B2B Partner Program is designed to support partners across the region in increasing their presence and expertise in the IT security sector.

The program serves as a platform for collaboration between Kaspersky Lab and its partners, including a focus on training, certifications, marketing support and rewards to ensure mutual growth.

“With our continued efforts to further develop innovative security solutions that address market-specific needs, our partners will be able to focus on exploring new business opportunities in support of the development of their business objectives," says Garry Kondakov, Chief Business Officer, Kaspersky Lab.

"Enrolling in our Partner Program will provide partners with access to a wide range of resources needed to develop expertise, drive business growth, increase customer satisfaction, and ensure visibility across the market."

The newly enhanced program was developed with the support of feedback received from partners and is designed to correspond to partners’ business objectives.

The framework of the program will be based on a four-tiered structure, comprising of Registered, Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers.

Kondakov says the program will be 100% partner focused, with all Kaspersky Lab business products sold through partners.

"This is designed to ensure a focus on partners’ needs throughout the life of the program," he adds.