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New Plymouth District Council completes successful TechnologyOne ECM implementation

New Plymouth District Council (NPDC) has completed its implementation of TechnologyOne’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution on time and under budget.

New Plymouth District Council (NPDC) has completed its implementation of TechnologyOne’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution on time and under budget.

The project is part of NPDC’s wider digital strategy that will see the Council fully digitise its information and mobilise its workforce.

TechnologyOne Executive Chairman Adrian Di Marco says the company’s next generation software will enable NPDC to future proof its business and prepare for a cloud-first, mobile-first world.

“We’re pleased to be working with a council as forward-thinking as New Plymouth District Council," he says.

"As well as benefiting from the power of a single, integrated enterprise solution, Council has bought into a solution which adapts and evolves, positioning them well to harness the full value of smart mobile devices and other emerging technologies."

As part of the implementation, NPDC migrated all 1.6 million records from its previous document management system to TechnologyOne ECM, providing the Council with one place to store and search for information.

NPDC ICT Manager Kevin Glynn says TechnologyOne ECM stood out throughout the selection process.

“ECM will enable the Council to automate processes and embrace smart mobile devices more readily," he says.

"Customers are demanding more services be delivered online, and increasingly we are seeing more mobile users working mainly from small form factor mobile devices.

"We really needed to implement a system that would allow us to readily embrace these new technologies.

“We were already using several TechnologyOne products and looking at a few more modules to move towards TechnologyOne’s full OneCouncil solution.

"The great advantage of having all products from a single enterprise provider is seamless integration, and having a single point of accountability and ownership rather than us having to manage multiple vendors."

TechnologyOne ECM extends the Council’s enterprise platform, removing unnecessary constraint and cost through integration, and vastly improving its enterprise user experience.

Being device independent, ECM is able to capture information from any authoring tool including MS Office, Lotus Notes or Google Docs.

NPDC implemented TechnologyOne ECM using the software company’s Ci Anywhere platform, which embraces a range of consumer concepts to deliver powerful enterprise software that is incredibly easy to use.

Ci Anywhere is highly scalable, operates either on premise or on the cloud, and adapts to run on traditional laptops and PCs, and smart mobile devices from phones to tablets.

NPDC Project Manager Boon Chua says users were very excited about Ci Anywhere and were keen to implement it.

“Because Ci Anywhere is web-based we no longer have any client software to install, which is a great improvement on the previous system,” he says.

“It also gives us the opportunity to review the subject index, which users had huge issues within the old system’s file classification. Now that ECM is in place, we expect to drive full adoption of ECM by the business."

NPDC decided to replace its incumbent Hummingbird solution with TechnologyOne ECM after Hummingbird was bought out by enterprise information management company Open Text Corporation.

The Hummingbird solution had reached its end of life and was causing problems for the Council’s IT infrastructure and preventing upgrades of back-end servers. It was also not fully adopted by everyone in Council.