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Brocade renews Kiwi channel focus with NZ presence

During an exclusive interview with Reseller News, Brocade reaffirms its commitment to New Zealand partners.

Brocade has reaffirmed its commitment to New Zealand partners with the introduction of Andy Miller as the company’s on the ground Sales Director.

Triggered by the arrival of Gary Denman as senior director for Australia and New Zealand in August, Miller’s presence across the country kickstarts a period of ongoing change for the vendor.

“When I came into the role one of my early decisions was that when it comes to the New Zealand market, you have to have a presence,” says Denman, drawing on his past experience as Polycom’s ANZ MD.

“Brocade’s relevance and value would be limited if we’re sitting overseas.

“A lot is happening in New Zealand that is not happening in Australia.

“We’ve been in New Zealand previously and we exited for all sorts of reasons but as we reinvent ourselves, and as we go through a transformation as a business, we felt this was the right time return and bring the right people on board as well.”

Appointed in October, the former Juniper Networks and Spark New Zealand veteran joins Brocade amidst a period of transformation, driven chiefly by the ongoing battle for dominance, and survival, on the 3rd Platform.

Coined by analyst firm IDC, the 3rd Platform for IT growth and innovation continues to be built on mobile devices, cloud services, social technologies, and big data, an area which Brocade hopes to excel during 2015 and beyond.

“Customers are seeing the trend and are asking vendors to respond which represents a shift of dynamics in the industry,” says Miller, who has returned to his native New Zealand following ten years in Singapore.

“Partners are trying Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Brocade are helping describe the bigger picture for organisations.

“Unsurprisingly the incumbents don’t want to embrace SDN too quickly but customers do, they want to get there quickly and that’s an area which we can help.”

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Echoing Miller’s sentiment, Denman believes the time has arrived for the Kiwi industry to question the voice of the market leaders, throwing down the 3rd Platform gauntlet to incumbents such as Cisco.

“We’re trying to encourage partners to look at things which differ from what the market leader is saying,” adds Denman, speaking exclusively to Reseller News in Auckland.

“Cisco is the leader in this space and they of course have every desire to slow down the move and the market in general because incumbents don’t win in the same way.”

As reported by Reseller News, Denman believes there is an opportunity for the channel to “seize a competitive advantage” in the industry by strategically advising global enterprises and organisations on software networking, virtualisation, and the cloud.

“I believe New Zealand has the potential to be 6-12 months ahead of the market,” adds Miller, offering his first impressions of the Kiwi market.

“On a broadly speaking level, New Zealand has traditionally absorbed new technology much earlier than anywhere else in the world.

“For the past two decades the country has been used as a test bed for all new technology and this entrepreneurial attitude is still present today.

“In the coming months we’ll be seeing some interesting references coming out of New Zealand for sure.”

Referring to the launch of a new channel program, specifically designed for service providers, Denman believes Brocade’s relevance is most applicable across four key categories.

“Cloud service providers, service providers, telcos and enterprise organisations,” he explains, “we’re very targeted in this space.”

A recent survey of over 570 Brocade distributors and resellers reported that the channel is ready to lead in software-driven networking, and with Miller now heading the New Zealand market, Kiwi partners can feel confident of fully embracing such change.