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Appeal of multi-Cloud lies in choice: CommVault

Data management company expects Australian market to embrace more than one Cloud type.

For CommVault, the value of a multi-Cloud setup is in the variety it offers.

Worldwide technical services vice president, Robert Kaloustian, said capabilities are spread out from on-premise private to off-site public Cloud.

“Some workloads or use cases are more appropriate from one provider to another,” he said.

“Being able to have those choices enables users to select what is more appropriate for their business.”

Although the versatility is appealing, Kaloustian said adding more than one Cloud and including on-premise can quickly lead to complications.

“It’s critical that users have something that can manage the lifecycle, not only that of the data, but also the pieces that come from moving from physical to Cloud,” he said.

With all of this choice available to businesses, Kaloustian said the challenge then becomes how to ensure a multi-Cloud vision comes together when there is not a lot of software to leverage it.

Making bold moves

Kaloustian has seen the Australian market demonstrate a tendency to be “a bit more bold, though carefully bold” when it comes to IT, and same will hold true with the multi-Cloud.

“Australians are willing to make smart decisions and not go through a long period of waiting before adopting,” he said.

As for the role of the channel, Kaloustian said partner and reseller have an opportunity to create a Cloud solution that is unique to the customer’s requirements.

“If they can have a more business-aligned consulting around what they want to do around the Cloud, it provides them with a lot of opportunities to add value,” he said.

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