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How to build innovation in Kiwi organisations

Innovation is the key to service enhancement and competitive advantage.

Innovation is the key to service enhancement and competitive advantage.

If an organisation doesn’t have the internal capacity to innovate or doubts its alibility to deliver, it may be time to consider looking outside the organisation.

“The pace of change is accelerating through the development of new business models, continuously driven by product and process innovation, pushing the limits of every organisation’s existing competencies and capabilities," says Rick Bell, Innovation Architect in Solutions Management & Consulting, UXC Connect.

“New and emerging technologies promise enhanced productivity, more effective collaboration and newfound ways to enhance customer engagement through social media, web self-service and mobile apps."

When considering when to exploit trends such as cloud-based services, consumerisation of IT, mobile or operational intelligence, Bell believes that while it might seem easier to focus on current issues, existing products and related activities, that view can be short-sighted.

"Increasingly, competitors are able to replicate offerings and business models, which means there needs to be a constant plan to stay ahead of the game," he explains.

Four ways to make innovation happen:

1. Continue to defend and extend core business offerings to capture new avenues for growth and efficiency.

2. At the same time, look at new technologies and evaluate their potential to create new options for future growth in existing products and services or completely new markets.

3. Don’t be held back by lack of internal resources and skills to innovate. Look for expert partners with scores on the board for making these new technologies work.

4. Consider handing day-to-day non-core operations to partners better equipped with the resources, tools and expertise to automate their delivery so that the organisation can allocate resources focused on creating new initiatives that will create true business innovation.