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Kiwi mobile app firm recognised in NZ Fast 50

“Recognition in Fast 50 validates our focus on quality and continued R&D in developing our capabilities, direction, and processes..."

Sush Mobile, makers of end-to-end mobile app solutions, has been recognised as the ninth fastest growing company in New Zealand in the 2014 Deloitte NZ Fast 50.

The Fast 50 awards ranks businesses in New Zealand by revenue growth, taking a range of industries into consideration.

As a close-knit team, Sush Mobile founders and joint managing directors, Sheenu Chawla and Sulabh Sharma have expressed appreciation of the Deloitte’s Fast 50 recognition, calling it validation of the company’s focus on quality and commitment to delivering the very best experience throughout the customer journey.

"We’re proud to say we have an incredible team here at Sush Mobile," Chawla adds.

"Innovation and exploration of the unknown is embedded within our culture; it’s why we keep pushing ourselves to challenge the way that we do things, to create the best possible outcomes for our customers.

“Recognition in Fast 50 validates our focus on quality and continued R&D in developing our capabilities, direction, and processes to deliver the very best experience we can throughout the customer journey. Couldn't be happier.”

Sharma adds that when the pair started the company they “caught a glimpse” of what would be possible in the very near future.

“There was a spark,” he recalls, “a certain excitement around how mobile software and the ecosystem it lives in would forever transform business in the years to come.

“As we’ve grown, it’s been remarkable how that same enthusiasm and determination has continued to burn deep as more companies embrace modern, mobile processes. We’re so proud of the whole team.”

Echoing Sharma’s comments, Sush Mobile marketing coordinator, Derrick Olivier says there’s no secret formula to success.

“When you accept that your actions, no matter how small, have the capacity to affect those around you, and by extension, directly impact other people’s lives, you push yourself to be better, and to keep learning,” he says.

“At Sush Mobile, this belief seems to emanate centrally throughout the company, right through BA, UX design, support, development, sales, marketing, QA, and administration.

“The world is more connected than ever. Through technology and innovation, Sush Mobile is making a change in some small ways.

“The powerful mobile solutions built by this group of passionate individuals fundamentally alter the way that people work, shop, communicate, play, - and how they do things, really - across not just New Zealand, but overseas as well.

As new technologies emerge at an incredible pace and the tools used to interact, communicate, build, live, and work continue to change everyday, Oliver says “so does our perception of what's possible, and what's expected.”

“Businesses working with Sush Mobile gain meaningful value through powerful, long-term solutions,” he adds.

“In the past few years, Sush Mobile has had the opportunity to work with a number of exceptional organisations.

“From great consumer-level applications, like WHERE NEXT for Heart of the City or the Your Warehouse Your Way app, to internal applications designed to give business workforce a technological edge.”