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Carmen Vicelich: A date with data…

Speaking as a self confessed technology geek, Carmen Vicelich’s love affair with data began long before it was considered sexy.

Speaking as a self confessed technology geek, Carmen Vicelich’s love affair with data began long before it was considered sexy.

And as the IT industry gets to grips with big data, in all its complex glory, it’s no surprise to see the founder and CEO of Kiwi analytics firm Data Insight lead the pack across New Zealand.

Disrupting the Kiwi property market through Valocity, a new Kiwi-owned and built property information, market insight and valuation service for the booming New Zealand property market, Vicelich’s aim was simple; to deliver greater value.

Changing the market amidst an era of social media expansion, frequent new technology releases and cheap cloud storage, Vicelich has tamed the growing phenomenon known as big data, controlling exponential volumes of information through a customisable solution designed to produce actionable insight.

“Valocity was all about bringing more to the market,” says Vicelich, who bills the release as a“realisation of a dream.”

A woman of knowledge and integrity, boasting enviable experience within the ICT space, Vicelich says that during the past two years alone, more data has been created than in the history of mankind.

“And the value of this data is game changing,” she explains. “It’s the new oil.

“There are many similarities between data and oil. Much like oil, to create value you need to extract it, create a product and commoditise it.

“At Data Insight we extract, analyse, segment and create actionable insight through data.”

Heading a team which has doubled every six months since launching 18 months ago, Vicelich says when you embark on your passion, few people can compete or run faster.

“I love what I do but the first thing I thought was ‘who are the best people out there?’,” she adds. “We went and shoulder tapped the best in the business and because of this we’ve built the A Team and I’m surrounded by people that are smarter than me.”

Modest maybe, but when it comes to data, and crucially, the extraction of valuable data, Vicelich remains unrivalled.

“We’re lucky to start with a blank canvas,” she adds. “We knew where we wanted to go and want we wanted to achieve so it was just a case of creating the best technology and generating the best solution.

“In being a cloud-based solution, Valocity is completely customisable and flexible, it’s a first for this type of technology and is a very big deal for the New Zealand property market.

“Our position is validated by working with every bank and every insurer across the country.

“We’re going to continue to deliver disruption and innovation in the New Zealand market.”

But according to Vicelich, who remains driven by her love of data, this is just the beginning.