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Tape backup continues to remain relevant: Perfekt

Local reseller finds large businesses are still dependant on tape backup.

Tape backup continues to have a place in today’s business, according to Perfekt.

Management solutions information GM, Craig Tamlin, said the prediction of tape’s end has yet to come true.

“Back in the day, massive tape library systems consisting of hundreds of 40 gigabyte cartridges were being sold,” he said.

“We don’t need to sell those anymore, as the paradigm around tape has changed significantly.”

These days most organisations that want backup will go with a de-duplication solution that uses a disk array.

As for tape, it has moved outside of the backup window and data saved onto it once a week, fortnight or month depending on what other infrastructure is in place, such as a disaster recovery site.

“We’re seeing it as a very low cost storage platform for long term retention, and most people copy to tape hoping to never to see it again,” Tamlin said.

A place in big business

Tamlin has seen “interesting modelling” done around complete disk backup and the complete elimination tape, but said all of his customers remain on tape.

“If you are small business then you may be able to get away with it,” he said.

“But if you are large or medium sized organisation with 20 terabytes of data on a regular retention scheme, tape remains a fairly low cost option.”

Tape is also a good choice when regulatory requirement demand data is kept for a certain period of time.

“What we’re finding is people will be buying a small auto-loader, one drive and multiple tapes, instead of a large tape library,” Tamlin said.

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