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The value of a partner lies in customer service: SureBridge

Local reseller finds the customer-centric approach takes time and effort.

The value the channel brings should be in customer service, according to SureBridge IT.

Managing director and CEO, Rick Brown, said price is long forgotten after something is purchased, and only the quality remains.

“When you go to buy something, the common view of a salesperson is they are there simply to sell you a product,” he said.

“I disagree with that, as the salesperson’s job is to make your experience so enjoyable that you tell your friends about it and you all come back.”

Brown has seen some companies spend a lot on money on advertising, only to provide a disappointing experience when a customer visits.

“If a customer has a good experience, they will come back,” he said.

“And if they aren’t happy, whose fault is that?”

More than a word

When it comes to a reseller becoming value-added, Brown said service is “not a word but a culture” that takes years of growth.

“You can’t change the culture of a company or a group of people in the space of a week, month or year,” he said.

The SureBridge team can tell within weeks if new employees “don’t have it," and in those cases, Brown said they are not a good fit for the customer-orientated approach of the reseller.

“We’re like bees in a hive, so if we get a bad one amongst us, we’ll force them out,” he said.

Brown said he finds it disappointing when companies proclaim “service is their life,” yet customers find themselves dealing with long waiting lines and complications.

“We make mistakes too, but we have a process that records and fixes issues,” he said.

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