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Virtual license portability added to Barracuda security products

Cloud security and storage vendor adds ability to transfer for further flexibility.

Barracuda Networks has introduced license portability for the virtual products in its security product line-up.

Security general manager, Steve Pao, said customers can now purchase a virtual license and transfer it to other private or public virtual platforms at no additional cost.

“Offering investment protection, it gives customers deployment flexibility and provides the ability to transfer the virtual license from a public Cloud to their private Cloud environment, or between public Cloud services,” he said.

Premises-based virtual environments such as VMware, Citrix and Microsoft, and public Cloud deployments in Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are compatible with the virtual license.

Making it simpler

A May 2014 survey by Tech Pro Research, Hybrid Cloud: Benefits, roadblocks, favoured vendors, found 70 per cent of respondents are implementing or evaluating a hybrid Cloud solution.

Pao said the new virtual license portability is designed to take existing flexible deployment options for on-premises, Cloud, and hybrid environments further.

“It further simplifies this migration by enabling hybrid Cloud deployments across private and public Cloud environments, providing the security, reliability, control and flexibility that an organisation needs,” he said.

Barracuda virtual license portability is available from August 3 on the Spam Firewall Vx and Web Application Firewall Vx offerings, with virtual license portability to extend to other products as additional Barracuda public Cloud offerings become available.

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