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Internet of Things, data growth creates added BYOD challenges: Fronde

Managed services provider calls for a balance between legacy and new policies when dealing with BYOD.

Fronde expects the rise of “Internet of Things” to cause further BYOD headaches though the ramp up of corporate data traffic.

Wearable technology is being positioned as the future of BYOD, though CTO, James Valentine, said smartphones, tablets and laptops remain the dominant “user brought” devices on corporate networks.

“The main headache these bring is related to ever increasing bandwidth usage and wireless network congestion,” he said.

Organisations that retain a legacy mindset regarding trusted devices on networks, and the fallacy of the safety of unencrypted traffic behind the corporate firewall, are encountering added obstacles.

Valentine said the new approach is for connections to enterprise systems to be secured in the same way regardless if they are accessed externally or internally, such as browser delivered applications leveraging single sign on and standard transport encryption.

“By changing to this approach, organisations are now better prepared for new devices appearing on their corporate network, be it the coffee machine or the Internet connected TV in a meeting room,” he said.

Two sided approach

Valentine foresees the collision between “a sea of modern devices in the hands of users” and the “legacy business applications they need to be productive” to be the key BYOD challenge on the horizon.

“Organisations will progressively modernise these applications and web and mobile enable them, but not at the pace that employees demand,” he said.

Thus, the recommendation is to provide medium-term access to legacy applications whilst delivering on a vision of “anywhere, anytime, any device.”

Valentine admits applications from vendors such as Citrix provide a path for this, though adds many organisations “struggle with the complexity and cost of doing this themselves.”

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