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SDE is more of an aspiration than product or technology: Oracle

Technology vendor finds the hype around Software-Defined Everything is generating some market confusion

Software-Defined Everything (SDE) is more of a conceptual goal and not a technology or product, according to Oracle.

Datacentre product marketing senior director, Charlie Boyle, defines SDE as a combination of several different underlying technologies, such as virtualisation, Cloud, and Software-Defined Networking (SDN).

“These underlying components are tangible things you can evaluate and implement,” he said.

Because “software-defined” has become an industry buzzword, Boyle admits this has led to some confusion in the market.

“There’s a lot of people applying that term to products and services when it’s not really applicable,” he said.

“In reality SDE is not something you buy, but more of an aspiration.”

Instead, Boyle said it better to view SDE as a means of appropriating different elements from solutions that are already software-defined.

More from software-defined

Boyle said customers are now looking at ways to break physical links within their IT infrastructure.

“They want to control service levels through software-defined methods rather than manual processes and physical means,” he said.

Instead of focusing on SDE, Boyle said resellers and businesses are more interested in maximising IT through software-defined.

“Resellers want to implement a service that is as efficient as possible, improves customer satisfaction, and is revenue generating,” he said.

“A lot of ways to do it requires software-defined technologies, but it’s not as easy as just building a new mobile service based on SDE.”

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