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Cisco acquisition mutually beneficial: Sourcefire

Security vendor released first batch of integrated products following last year’s acquisition

Following its acquisition by Cisco in July 2013, Sourcefire APJ managing director, Ammar Hindi, said the two companies have been working closely together.

“Joining Cisco is helping to accelerate our vision for a new model of security across the extended network,” he said.

“It poses great opportunities for the company to expand its footprint via Cisco's global reach and also supports our pace of innovation in both commercial markets and the open source community.”

The fruits of that union are finally starting to show, with Cisco announcing its first set of integrated solutions with Sourcefire at the recent RSA conference in the US.

AMP Everywhere integrates advanced malware protection (AMP) with Cisco’s Cloud, web and email security appliances, while OpenAppID is an open source technology for application detection and control.

“The recent announcements made at the RSA conference is proof of our close integration to date,” Hindi said.

An ongoing process

AMP Everywhere and OpenAppID are the first examples of both vendors’ products being integrated, though Hindi expects the integration of Cisco and Sourcefire to be an on-going process.

“Currently, it is business as usual and no specific timing has been set for the entire transition to be completed,” he said.

When it comes to explaining what attracted Cisco to acquire Sourcefire, Hindi said Cisco wanted to accelerate it security strategy.

“They want to provide a new security model that protects across the full attack continuum of before, during, and after an attack,” he said.

Since the acquisition, the two companies have been at work on combining their products, technologies and research teams to provide advanced threat protection from any device to any Cloud.

Further integration

As for how customers are benefiting from the Sourcefire/Cisco partnership, Hindi said they now have access to threat-centric products and services that offer pervasive advanced malware protection.

“There are new high-performance Firepower appliances to address increasing network bandwidth and inspection needs,” he said.

“There is also a new open source application-focused detection language to better protect and control new and custom applications.”

The other benefit Hindi highlights from the integration is security solutions that are designed to be simpler to deploy and offer better security intelligence.

“It now also addresses the industry’s broadest set of enforcement and remediation options at attack vectors,” he said.

Patrick Budmar covers consumer and enterprise technology breaking news for IDG Communications. Follow Patrick on Twitter at @patrick_budmar.