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Orcon ends partnership with Kim Dotcom

Wraps up campaign against restrictive NZ data caps
  • Chris Player (New Zealand Reseller News)
  • 25 March, 2014 13:49

Orcon has wrapped up its campaign featuring Kim Dotcom to highlight New Zealand’s restrictive data caps on internet services.

The Finnish/German founder of Megaupload is currently residing in New Zealand and has been embroiled in an extradition case in the US supreme court. Dotcom along with three US colleagues faces numerous charges relating to mass copyright infringement, money laundering and racketeering.

Orcon began the partnership in October 2013, when Dotcom featured prominently in international news. Dotcom was chosen due to his prolific internet usage and prominence in the media sphere. The campaign has been described as the company’s most successful to date.

Orcon chief executive, Greg McAlister, said the company’s position to bring "first world internet" to New Zealand resonated with the public.

“Over 70 per cent of our sales are now for an unlimited plan, with customers taking it up primarily to avoid bill shock and to stop squabbles in the flat or home about excess usage. Ultra-fast-broadband [UFB] has also taken off. We’ve now got more UFB connections than any other telco.”

McAlister addressed the cessation of the relationship with Dotcom and said “The campaign has worked its socks off for us but now Kim Dotcom’s involvement with the Internet Party means we’ll risk running foul of New Zealand Electoral laws if we continue to use him to front our campaign.”

The announcement comes in conjunction with the extradition case against Dotcom gaining momentum. A hearing date set for July. New Zealanders are apparently split on the notion of Justice Minister Judith Collins using her discretionary powers in the Extradition Act to allow the mogul to remain in New Zealand, according to a study conducted by the New Zealand Herald.