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Commercialisation of IT, Internet of Things evolving remote connectivity: LogMeIn

SaaS provider expects further opportunities and growth as more devices are connected online

The remote connection industry is being driven by commercialisation of IT and the Internet of Things (IoT), according to LogMeIn.

COO, Bill Wagner, said these two trends are shaping remote connectivity, as well as the areas the SaaS provider is investing in.

“Businesses are faced the challenge of rolling out, deploying and controlling a BYOD environment,” he said.

The BYOD discussion has tended to be device centric, though Wagner said LogMeIn is focused on the software.

“We help manage devices, but we’re really focused on the app side of things,” he said.

With onlines services such as DropBox, Wagner said organisations are faced with the question of where data sits and are looking at ways to deal with the dilemma.

Platform for all

The Internet of Things is about connecting everything to the Internet, and Wagner said LogMeIn is about doing it securely.

So far the provider has processed 40 billion transactions on its platform from 25 million devices.

Wagner said LogMeIn stands out by letting companies build their IoT apps on its platform.

“Our approach is to let all companies build on our platform and give them the tools to manage their devices,” he said.

“The platform already has scale and we’re not a start-up.”

As for what clients are investing into IoT, Wagner said it is vertically integrated companies and those in the industrial sector.

In terms of adoption, Japan leads followed by Western Europe and Australia respectively.

“IoT is also an area our investors are most interested in, particularly our Australian ones,” Wagner said

In two years time, Wagner expect 50 per cent of LogMeIn’s revenue to come from IoT.

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