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MYOB's API program marks growth in developer numbers

MYOB's CTO states that the firm will release timesheets and payroll integration next quarter.

MYOB's API program has grown from 65 developers to more than 800 and the number of add-ons has risen to 70 across 20 categories in the last 12 months.

As the team celebrates the one-year anniversary of its AccountRight Live API, the total developer program numbers 1200 members, with the remainder working on the ODBC interface for AccountRight classic, according to the company.

“We’ve been enjoying great traction with the AccountRight Live API and great feedback that it’s easy to use. Back in September we released invoices and bills integration along with revamping our developer centre and that really drove big growth in adoption - from 400 developer partners to more than 800 six months later,” said CTO Simon Raik-Allen.

“Next quarter we’ll release timesheets and payroll integration, which will increase appetite even further.”

According to the firm, the proporition of cloud accounting clients using add-ons has grown 38% so far this year. Raik-Allen said the program is seeing at least one API integration every week.

“MYOB is working closely with our API developers to highlight the benefits of their add-ons to potential and existing clients and help strengthen their overall proposition,” he said.

“As the API developer program grows so too does its support. Since January, two new roles have been brought in – one to focus on sales and the other marketing. We put 27 developers in front of thousands of business advisors at our annual roadshow’s trade exhibition, and we started running six weekly webinars.”

The API is available for use with multiple programming languages and platforms, such as Mac and Windows, including devices running iOS, Android and Windows Mobile operating systems.

The developer program, which offers three levels of membership, is free to anyone wanting to create and integrate add-on solutions for MYOB clients.