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Simon Hackett funds electric race car from eV Race Systems

Vehicle prototype to hit the road later this year through Internode founders partnership with Rudi Tuisk

Internode founder, Simon Hackett, has paired his seven-figure bootstrap funding with Rudi Tuisk’s architectural and technical experience to build a new class of electric racing car.

Rudi Tuisk and Simon Hackett at the Melbourne Grand Prix.
Rudi Tuisk and Simon Hackett at the Melbourne Grand Prix.

Tuisk is the chief executive officer (CEO) of eV Race Systems, a start-up looking to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in Australia. He and Hackett introduced Tesla electric vehicles into Australia in 2009, with the latter becoming the first local owner of a Tesla Roadster in the same year.

The goal of the project is to develop and deliver a purpose-designed electric race car with the power and performance to demonstrate the ability of EVs to perform at the highest level of global motorsport.

The claim is that the 1000kg eV Race Systems car with 400KW and 800Nm torque will accelerate from a standing start to 200kph in less than eight seconds.

Hackett and Tuisk intend to have three to five multi-million-dollar prototype cars available for demonstration in events across Europe and Asia “later this year.”

According to Hackett, Australia could play a key role in designing and engineering high performance EVs; he believes EVs present a “sunrise industry” in which Australia can become a leader.

“Australia has convenient proximity to Asia for cell supply and access to innovate and exceptionally talented engineers,” Hackett said.

“As we are saying goodbye to Toyota, Ford and Holden assembly plants, Australia has the opportunity to embrace and invest in EV technology that can underpin new local manufacturing in coming decades.”

Tuisk, who worked for Tesla Motors as chief technician in Europe and Asia-Pacific (APAC0 during his five-year stint with the company, said eV Race Systems will work to create a “rule-breaking race car.”

“We’ve spent the past year designing such a vehicle, with some of the best engineers in the world. We are excited by the data we are seeing right now.”

Tuisk expects EVs to generate strong growth businesses throughout the next decade.