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Telecom creates Big Data analytics business

Qrious to add to Telecom Digital Ventures arm

Telecom has launched a new data, analytics and applications standalone business unit, Qrious (pronounced Curious), adding to the capabilities of its Telecom Digital Ventures arm.

Qrious is a Cloud-based platform which will allow the public sector and other companies to privately host their own data and combine it with publicly-available information for insights. The Qrious team will assist clients with using this data to create value.

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According to Telecom, Qrious was created to address a gap in Big Data analytics in the New Zealand market and therefore create greater economic and social value for the nation.

“Qrious wants to help NZ address… issues such as how to deliver better public transport, housing and health outcomes,” Qrious general manager, Cyrus Facciano, said.

“For example, we are curious about ways to help prevent the increase of chronic illness and improve the healthcare services available to the public. By connecting available data sets across the sector and correlating this with population demographics, we can help direct investment to the most in-demand types of cares.

Facciano said the challenge for organisations is that many do not have available the expertise or technical resources to analyse information for insights; those which do are faced by obstacles in generating value.

Qrious claims the “emerging Big Data phenomena” has created demand for ‘data scientists’ which utilise statistics, coding, and business skills to solve business issues. It is therefore establishing a Data Science Academy to teach students these skills.

According to a statement, “the best people will be offered internships and positions in this emerging and exciting industry.”