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Asnet becomes Optinet

Along with the name change, Optinet has moved its head office from Wellington to Auckland.

Network systems integrator Asnet has changed its name to Optinet.

The name change was driven by some confusion in the market when its one-time subsidiary Asnet Technologies was sold and now operates independently.

Optinet general manager Craig Burston says Asnet Technologies was originally established as a video conferencing specialist division, selling the Polycom brand. But it was sold in 2011.

“Since then, our customers and others have been confused about the two Asnets,” he says.

The original Asnet was founded early in the 1990s when Steve Harrington took on the Ascom-Timeplex agency after the multinational exited New Zealand. The company has subsequently added a range of network products, the latest being Juniper, which it expects will allow its bigger customers, such as telcos, to differentiate themselves more aggressively against the almost standard Cisco offerings.

“Our strategy is to be the support partner, as we do with a range of the products we represent,” Burston says. “Sometimes you can break directly into a market segment but the fastest way in is to augment someone who already has a customer. It’s important, however, that we also retain a direct sales capability.”

Burston’s focus has been on building a stable team of network engineers, with multiple skills so they can cover each other at different customer sites. “In the past, we’d hire young engineers, train them up, but then they would move on. It’s much better now.”

He is also focusing on the small to medium enterprise market. “A lot of resellers have touch points, such as single sales of products, but they can’t handle more complex areas. We can provide that level of support for complex networks.”

The network, he says, is the critical part of “where we are all going, particularly with the growth of virtualisation and the cloud. If you have a network, you need to deal with a specialist.”

Along with the name change, Optinet has moved its head office from Wellington to Auckland.