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Old ways of moving data no longer apply: ASI Solutions

IT reseller also attributes its resilience in the IT industry to going after disruptive companies and products

The old way of moving data does not exist anymore, according to ASI Solutions.

Executive director at the local IT reseller, Maree Lowe, said the introduction of the Cloud has created a new level of complexity at businesses.

“Information has traditionally flowed up and down, but the Cloud has changed that,” she said.

What is different is the information is now flowing left and right, with virtual machines and applications being moved from one point to another.

Traditionally a CIO may have considered the three areas of compute/servers, storage and networking, but Lowe said that approach no longer applies.

“The challenge CIOs are now facing is they need to deliver continual customer service to both external customers and internal staff,” she said.

Following disruptions

Lowe characterises ASI Solutions as a veteran of the IT industry, and attributes its survival skills in choosing to be “disruptive in a positive sense.”

“Our secret of being an industry player for so long is to look for what the next leading edge is going to be,” she said.

“It’s our role as a reseller in the industry to look for innovation,”

Lowe admits it is not an easy route to take, as it “requires you to evangelise”.

“There is a lot of existing, competitive technologies, but I take the opposite opinion that it has been in the market for so long the innovation lags behind,” she said.

ASI Solutions is the largest reseller for Brocade in Australia, and Lowe highlights the networking vendor as a disruptive company it has partnered with for success.

“My role is to hear from a business perspective what is happening, while companies such as Brocade can go and give consultations to customers,” she said.

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