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Firm launches voice integration software for A/NZ businesses

Voice Interface Design's new software helps integrate Honeywell's Vocollect Voice solution in supply chain businesses.

Workflow and process optimisation firm, Voice Interface Design, has developed software to better integrate Honeywell’s Vocollect Voice solution into A/NZ supply chain businesses.

According to the firm, the software VoiceID Connector, rapidly integrates Vocollect Voice to one or more enterprise software platforms, including ERP or WMS to make deployments as fast as possible.

“Having seen constraints with traditional methods of integrating voice solutions, we have developed our own VoiceID software to roll out Vocollect Voice Solutions in the warehouse,” said Nishan Wijemanne, MD of Voice Interface Design.

“VoiceID Connector comes with the advantage of not needing any programming skills, which means it is easy to integrate and implement.

“Australian and New Zealand supply chain businesses who are looking to leverage efficiency in their operations by bringing in voice solutions can now do so easier and faster thanks to the new VoiceID Connector software.

“We are able to deliver voice solutions in a much shorter time-frame, so supply chain businesses can see benefits and a return on investment sooner,” said Wijemanne.

Voice Interface Design is a total solutions provider (TSP) partner for Honeywell’s Vocollect and can integrate the entire range of Vocollect Voice solutions. According to the company, the collaboration enables both new and existing supply chain businesses to voice-enable management applications, manage distribution cycles and improve warehouse productivity.