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SMX to reinforce partners with pre-sales recruitment

The company hopes to get a dedicated pre-sales person, with an in-depth understanding of technology, to join the SMX team around Christmas time.

Home-grown cloud-based email hosting and security provider, SMX has a new CEO on board and he has big plans for the company.

“We have a presence in Japan and work through a country partner in India. We want to grow in both New Zealand and Australia. We see a lot of growth coming out of Australia - it is a bigger market. We see new customers in the enterprise and government sector within New Zealand as well. We want to focus on these two countries for now, but there are fairly good opportunities in North America as well. We are planning for these other opportunities offshore, and if they emerge faster than expected, it won’t affect our core business,” says Ian McDonald, who has been CEO of the firm since September this year.

The firm will also invest in helping along the current work done by its channel partners.

“We are looking to a hybrid model of delivery to the customer. So lets say a reseller is talking to a client about a set of IT solutions, and SMX is part of that package. We can send someone in along with the reseller to talk to solution architects at the customer end, to engage with them and help them understand the comprehensive nature of our solution sets, and how it can fit and integrate with whatever they are using currently. This is about reinforcing our channel, not replacing them,” says McDonald.

The company hopes to get a dedicated pre-sales person, with an in-depth understanding of technology, to join the SMX team around Christmas time. This person will step in to provide information to the customer during the sales process, and then step back so the reseller can finish the sale at his own pace.

“This will be the case for large enterprise or government deals. Our work is related to email risk mitigation and management. This relates to a whole lot of compliance issues and sensitive data. The pre-sales person will be talking to more sophisticated users on the areas of email security and compliance that we can help around,” says McDonald.

According to him, the firm will initially have a pre-sales person in NZ and look to implement a similar model in Australia in the future.

The company currently provides email hosting, email security and its SmartRules DLP solution to customers. Soon, this will be joined by its SmartStore archiving solution as well.

“We are currently in the alpha testing phases for the product. We will look to have beta sites, and pilots with initial customers, by February 2014, with an eventual launch of the solution planned around May 2014,” says McDonald.

With the launch of the archiving solution, which will provide encrypted email storage to customers, the company will look to expand its storage in its datacentres. SMX currently has two datacentres in NZ and two more in Australia. All data dealt with by the company is stored within the country of origin.

“SMX will focus on core competencies in the next couple of years and be clear on how it fits with the emerging market needs. We will focus on what I call technology market matching. There are a whole lot of solution architects and companies lives that we can make better, and that is what we are going to do,” states McDonald.