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Pressure to deliver is driving businesses to the Cloud: Fronde

New Zealand-based ICT services provider finds that legacy IT is unable to keep up with today’s growing demands

Big trends such as social, mobile, analytics and Cloud are in fact challenges that are pushing teams to deliver.

James Valentine, chief technology officer at New Zealand-based ICT services provider, Fronde Systems Group, made the observation during Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Re:Invent 2013 event in Las Vegas.

“These trends and consumerisation of IT are also forcing new ways to consume,” he said.

“People are no longer content with consuming something just from the enterprise desktop, but want to be able to use their tablet or browser from any PC.”

As a result, Valentine said these challenges are pushing businesses to “innovate faster” and deliver content in new ways.

As an AWS partner, Valentine said the Cloud can help their clients scale and “do things quickly that would otherwise take months.”

“A true public Cloud can help to deliver faster and at a lower risk than the legacy way of delivering IT,” he said.

“For us, it’s about helping clients understand how they can start taking advantage of this.”

The legacy of IT

As traditional IT continues to not deliver what it is has promised, Fronde CEO, Ian Clarke, expects challenges to remain for businesses.

For one, Clarke is seeing companies struggle with the “relevance of IT functions.”

“Companies are not seeing the productivity and growth benefits that they should be seeing from their technology investment,” he said.

At the same time, IT projects remain difficult and have low success rates.

“CIOs are in a fast changing world, where people are procuring IT beyond the CIO function,” Clarke said.

Patrick Budmar travelled to Re:Invent 2013 as a guest of AWS.