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New RightScale multi-Cloud solution merges technical and cost management

Cloud Analytics launched for usage assessment and forecasting

Cloud management company, RightScale, has unveiled a new enterprise-grade technical and cost management solution – RightScale Cloud Analytics – which promises sophisticated Cloud usage and cost analysis alongside forecasting and scenario planning across major public and private Clouds.

It is the company’s first new product to market following the launch of its flagship Cloud Management solution seven years ago. It stems from the acquisition of Edinburgh-based start-up, PlanForCloud, which occurred in June 2012.

RightScale claims it is the first multi-Cloud cost management solution which integrates with a Cloud management platform (including RightScale’s own Cloud Management) to enable users to take action on insights and implement budget controls. This creates a loop between technical management of applications and optimisation of Cloud usage and costs.

According to the vendor, its platform and analytics solutions comprise “the first in a new category of applications” which it calls Cloud portfolio management (CPM); these provide an integrated solution to manage applications and optimise usage across a portfolio of public and private Clouds.

“The vast majority of enterprises today have a multi-Cloud strategy that encompasses public and private Clouds,”RightScale chief executive officer (CEO), Michael Crandell, said. “With Cloud Analytics, we are extending our suite of products to address the business needs surrounding Cloud usage.”

“Cloud Analytics enables technical, business and financial managers to get the information they need for successful and controlled Cloud adoption.”

The solutions cost optimisation feature comes in the form of insights which companies can use to implement enterprise budget controls using the management platform; it aggregates more than 12,000 price points from six different Cloud providers which can be used based on an existing or new workload. The insights indicate waste and find opportunities to reduce costs with reserved instances or alternate purchase options.

Rightscale global marketing vice-president, Kim Weins, said, “being able to analyse costs across different providers enables the IT organisation to essentially act as the broker for Cloud services to all the different business units and application teams they support.”

Cloud Analytics is currently in limited beta release. Pricing will be announced once the solution becomes globally available in 2014. It will be sold both individually and bundled with Cloud Management.