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Fujitsu NZ records more than 30 per cent growth in profits year-on-year

According to the firm, growth has been fuelled by customer acquisitions, an increase in the export of services and new lines of business.

Fujitsu New Zealand has grown its profits by more than 30 per cent growth year-on-year, and experienced a 33 per cent increase in staff numbers since April 2012. According to the company, the growth was fuelled by the acquisition of new private and public sector customers, an increase in the export of services and new lines of business.

Fujitsu’s inclusion on the government’s syndicated agreement for IT managed services in 2012 has also made a significant contribution to the company’s performance.

Jo Healey, MD of Fujitsu New Zealand, said: “In partnership with our public and private sector clients, we have designed and implemented new solutions particularly in grants management, testing services and a cloud solution focused on property management.

“Our grants management solution has been developed as a New Zealand-centric solution addressing funds and grants management requirements for public and private sector organisations, with our first implementations having been successfully completed in this last year.

“We have also made significant progress with our NZ-developed MeatPro solution, which is focused on the needs of the meat industry. As well as making progress in New Zealand with many of the local meat producers, we have seen interest from outside New Zealand and have recently entered into agreements with two large meat producers in Australia for this specialised solution.”

According to the company, export of services has continued to grow in the areas of service desk, change, release and configuration management to offshore customers. The services business has been driven by an increased demand for testing services, as well as organisational migrations from Windows XP to Windows 7. Over the last 12 months the company has completed five migrations and has another six migrations in progress.

Fujitsu currently employs more than 800 staff and contractors in New Zealand.