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New partner stream at CA Expo a response to partner led business: CA Technologies

Enterprise software adds partner stream to its annual conference to facilitate partners

For the first time ever, CA Technologies has added a partner stream to its annual CA Expo event.

CA Technologies A/NZ partners senior director, Carl Terrantroy, said the change was a result of the company’s “partners first” approach.

“From our CEO down, in ever facet of our business, we think about how to better support our partners,” he said.

“That’s why at CA Expo this year we have a dedicated partner stream.”

With the addition to a stream, Terrantroy said partners at the annual event will be able to about their solutions and what they have done with customers.

“There are always partners at the event with booths, but never a dedicated stream talking about what they are doing,” he said.

CA Technologies’ international event, CA World, has typically 20 streams running at once to meet the needs of partners, but CA Expo has so far only had four streams for each of the product groups

“We have sacrificed one of those to have a stream just for partners,” Terrantroy said.

“It is also reflective of CA Technologies' local business in A/NZ, which has a strong partner focus.”

Business wide transformation

As for whether the partner stream at CA Expo will be a permanent addition, Terrantroy said that the format of the event may or may not change next year.

“What won’t change is the importance of partners in everything we do,” he said.

“Expo may change next year, but it won’t be because of the partner stream.”

Instead, Terrantroy said the partner focus is likely to be more dominant in the coming years, as "the horse has bolted" in terms of the company as partner led organisation.

Terrantroy points out that both CA Technologies’ global CEO and Asia Pacific general manager talk about the approach, as well as A/NZ managing director, Bill McMurray.

“It is a massive percentage of our business now, and there is no way back,” he said.

Terrantroy added the company “will never have more direct sales people in it than it does today” and it will only have less as partners take on more business.

“It’s the way we are morphing as an organisation across all business units to achieve that,” he said.

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