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Research by Saugatuck validates value of Dimension Data’s Cloud

Research film finds that the service provider’s Cloud delivers cost efficiency over the competition

A study carried out by research firm, Saugatuck Technology, has found value in the flexibility of Dimension Data’s Cloud services compared to other solutions.

The report, titled Understanding Cloud Infrastructure Costs: Navigating for Savings, looked at the costs associated with utilising Cloud IT infrastructure and compared them against commercially available services.

Dimension Data’s Cloud business unit product management director, Gerard Florian, said the company has purpose-built its offering for granular configuration and control by customers while maintaining flexibility for cost savings.

“Saugatuck’s findings reinforce Dimension Data’s differentiation based on price and on the value of our enterprise class public CaaS [Compute-as-a-Service] solutions,” he said.

Cost of ownership

Saugatuck Technology compared the total cost of ownership (TCO) of in-house or private Cloud solutions against several public offerings, such as Dimension Data’s CaaS.

Analysis for different types of small, medium and large workload infrastructure offerings were also performed by the research firm.

“They evaluated these based on three different levels of cost efficient ‘variably optimised environments,’ including highly optimised, per cent less optimised, and per cent less optimised,” Florian said.

Dimension Data’s solutions were found to be less in terms of representative costs when running a small workload versus the other public Cloud offerings for all scenarios listed.

“They are proved less expensive than in-house solutions in two of the three variably optimised environments,” Florian said.

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