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Microsoft reports woeful Surface tablet revenue

Surface revenue is less than recent loss for Microsoft

Microsoft has made just $US853 million in revenue from its Surface tablets.

The figure includes revenue since the Surface RT launched in October last year until the end of June, plus Surface Pro sales. The figure comes from its annual 10-K form which is submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). See also: Top 8 best Windows 8 tablets: the best Windows 8 tablets you can buy in 2013.

If it sounds like a lot of money to you (stop comparing it to your salary) then here's some context. The revenue is less that the $US900 million loss which Microsoft recorded in its last earning announcement for its Surface RT due to 'inventory adjustments'.

Furthermore, its less than the $US898 million increase in advertising costs which Microsoft has spent on Windows 8 and Surface, as pointed out by GeekWire.

Although the SEC filing doesn't reveal sales figures, The Verge reports that 1.5 million units of the Surface RT in March, and Surface Pro at 400,000 could well be accurate.

The news comes after Microsoft cut the price of the Surface RT by 30 per cent on a global scale. Microsoft's CEO, Steve Ballmer admitted that the firm had made too many Surface tablets and isn't selling as many Windows devices as it hoped to.

It is thought that Microsoft is planning to launch new models of the Surface tablets along with new accessories sometime in the next year, but with the way these numbers read perhaps it will rethink its strategy.

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