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Certus opts for mass media route

ADVERTISING IT services to end users on television could be more effective than pro-ducts if the experience of Certus Consulting is anything to go by.

At a time when many vendors have reviewed advertising direct to end users in media such as television and print, Certus has embarked on a television advertising campaign. And although the commercials have not resulted in any direct business, it achieved its purpose of increasing brand awareness and boosting credibility, according to managing director Greg Woolley.

“When we call new customers now, they recognise our name from television.”

Certus was inspired to trial television advertising following the successful experience of IT recruitment firm Absolute IT.

The company did not enlist the services of an advertising agency, approaching TVNZ directly instead.

The broadcaster advised Certus on when and where the adverts should be run. “It is incredible how many people saw it — a lot of them are not our target market, but those who are saw it too,” says Woolley. “It has been successful because it is unique. People notice it because it is unusual for an IT [services] company to advertise on television.”

The television campaign is being followed up with direct marketing, which has traditionally been the main marketing activity.